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Mere Posting! Offering a choice in services is of great value to the consumer. U-View Realty Inc. will list your home on the Sudbury Real Estate Board and MLS system® and allow the seller the right to sell his home privately. Our up front  fee is extremely competitive and the Seller has the local exposure to ensure visibility of his home. When inquiring with other FSBO companies, make sure to ask which Real Estate Board will be listing your home. In Ontario, all Real Estate Boards are closed and Members cannot see each others information. If you are selling in Sudbury and surrounding area, your home must be on the Sudbury Real Estate Board for maximum exposure. U-View Realty Inc. has been offering this service since January 2011.
Opinion of Value!
It is interesting when a Seller asks for an opinion of value on their property, the wide range of price values he/she will get after speaking with several real estate salespeople. Listing contracts are necessarry to survive in real estate and the business is very competitive. Often Sellers will be told what they want to hear in order to secure the listing, as opposed to what they should hear and risk loosing the listing to another Brokerage.  The terms, commission rate, length of the contract and the hold over clause are all negotiable, and Sellers need to ask questions before signing the contract. The list price on a property should be based on comparables of properties for sale and properties sold.  As Professionals it is our job to provide accurate information about the market and real estate. It is not always how much a Seller pays in commission but whether or not the property is in tune with the market and priced right to sell.New Challenges for Registrants as the Real Estate Council of Ontario reviews the Real Estate and Business Act of 2002 to update and perhaps change the way we currently do business.  Selling ones listing or “double ending” has come under fire. Representing both the Seller and the Buyer has become the focus of attention with Consumers, the legal community and our own industry headed by RECO. There will be changes outlined in our code of ethics to be specified in 2019. Stay tuned as more information is provided.
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