Our Services

Our services are about OPTIONS and CHOICES. We know, understand and work traditionally or apply different methods. Whether U are Buying or Selling, U-View Realty Inc. may have something for you. If U are serious about selling or buying, let us guide you through the Real Estate maze.  It’s what we do and we do it well!

Our Services
Reserve the right to sell privately* For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) “Mere Posting”


Low flat up front non refundable Listing Fee of $699.00 for listing on MLS®
•Your home is advertised on Realtor.ca ,uviewrealty.com and the Sudbury Real Estate Board  reaching as many potential  buyers as possible.
•Retain the right to sell privately while your property is on MLS®  system
•Seller controls the activity on their property
•Seller can e-mail pictures of home to the brokerage
•Feature sheets are available through the uviewrealty website
•Lawn sign
•Pay no extra commission if U find the Buyer privately
•Seller negotiates a commission with a Buyer Realtor®  prior to accepting a Buyer Realtor® offer.
•No hidden fees
•Brokerage and Seller may communicate through  telephone, e-mail, fax and cell phones(text)
•Once the required documents are signed and payment made, the Listing will be posted
•Brokerage may require a copy of municipal taxes for verification

At any time during the Mere Posting contract:

1-The Brokerage and Seller together can amend the contract (extend the expiry date, change the price ect…)
2-Seller can re-list with U-View Realty for full MLS® listing service with a new commission structure payable on closing when the property sells.

During the “Mere Posting” contract Seller and Brokerage may enter into a seperate agreement with a fee payable on closing to:
Prepare documents and Broker the deal with a Buyer and Seller. (no other Agent involved), follow through on conditional offer and remit document to lawyers.

►Traditional Full Service MLS® Listing

•Property is Listed on Sudbury Real Estate Board, Realtor.ca® and uviewrealty.com 
•A For Sale sign

•The Brokerage is the exclusive Agent representing the interests of the Seller
•Brokerage makes all appointments and represents the Seller when an offer is presented.
•Negotiated commission in the listing contract to be paid on closing by the Seller to the Brokerage when the property is sold
•May include other advertising and Open Houses*
•Brokerage follows through on all paperwork from a firm sale and sends to the Lawyer

           *At the discretion of the Salesperson
For more information please contact us

►Transactional Brokerage Services for Private Sales

•Brokerage does not initiate the sale of the property. There is NO exclusive listing with U-View Realty Inc.or any other Registered Real Estate Brokerage.
•Brokerage writes up the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and offers the Buyer and Seller a service agreement. Brokerage will be fair and honest with all parties.
•Brokerage will explain and organize all legal forms for the real estate transaction
•Brokerage will send all paperwork to the Buyer and Seller’s individual lawyers
•A fee will be negotiated prior to signing any Agreement of Purchase and Sale and paid on closing through the Seller’s lawyer to U-View Realty Inc.

For more information please contact us

►Immediate Notification of New Listings for Buyers

•U the Buyer can be notified immediately by e-mail through our Prospector Program from the local board’s MLS® system of homes that fit your needs and budget, before they go to the public site Realor.ca®

For more information please contact us

Brokerage and Salespeople reserve the right to refuse a Listing. All commissions are negotiable and are not regulated in the real estate industry. All applicable taxes will be added to all fees.


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