Our Mission Statement:

"We are committed to providing practical choices and solutions for Real Estate transactions, tailored for the needs of the consumer. U-View Realty fosters a positive and functional environment for all employees of the company to work and succeed in."

U-View Realty Inc. has been serving Sudbury and the surrounding area since 1999. Seeing that the industry lacked creative business models, we've developed a unique approach to real estate. We offer innovative and customized services! The philosophy behind "Options and Choices" is really quite simple:  "All properties are not the same and neither are the Sellers".  Home Owners should be allowed to choose the package they want and be assured that they are receiving the specific service they require and for which they asked.  Technology is the key to providing superior real estate services, and U-View Realty is leaping forward, believing that NOW is the time to distinguish ourselves from other real estat brokerages.

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